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With the smart equipment engineering solution and Cloud service platform, you can manage equipment stability with constant real-time monitoring and fast correctional activities. AI technology provides high scalability for process control and management.

In general, the manufacturing data structure is segmented by the process type and by the equipment maker. The smart equipment engineering system can structurally integrate the siloed data management and collect data on the basis event types. If managed at a central point, equipment and process data can be utilized by a wide range of applications for specific purposes.




Process anomaly detection

process anomalies are automatically detected and classified by their pattern or type to support fast root cause analysis and decision making.

The target standards of parameters can be generated automatically based on the streaming and history data. 


AI-based statistics process control

AI technology can expand the capabilities of conventional SPC, which conforms to the industrial standard statistics rules, with automated and intelligent process control approach. 

AI can learn the target process values which were input by engineers and process alarm history to automatically come up with optimum target values for the parameters. Our AI technology supports a complete automation of the process control system.

Our AI technology provides a complete predictive maintenance system that can predict anomalies in fault alarm status, statistic summary trends analysis, and so on.


Next-generation process control

Through a repetitive feedback loop of machine learning you can improve the quality and yield of production. The AI learns the results of the parameter of each process step’s recipes and suggests the optimum values for the parameters based on the result data.


Equipment performance management

Utilizing the various indexes of equipment performance, the AI can identify the cause of low performance and analyze the correlation among multiple indexes to predict performance decrease. 


Predictive maintenance of equipment

Our AI technology predicts equipment anomalies and even generate a work order of maintenance activities.

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