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process engineering

BISTelligence provides the data-based process engineering consulting service. With the service, you can convert your manufacturing environment into a constantly and organically evolving identity feeding on the data collected and analyzed from the entire manufacturing process.

BISTelligence’s Process Engineering Service provides the optimum solutions and implementation strategy for the core process engineering activities such as process anomaly detection, process optimization, root cause analysis, equipment maintenance, and equipment failure prediction.

Service Package 01

Data-driven Manufacturing Process Service

The manufacturing data collected by IIoT/ICT provide the groundwork for process optimization including, real-time data monitoring, anomaly detection/recognition/classification, and root cause analysis.

Data collection/management

  • Our model collection methodology supports the equipment of various size and data transfer rate.

  • We work with our customers to establish data preparation strategies and data standard management policies.

  • We provide data structuralization and event processing services for seamless integration with our customer’s legacy systems.

Service Package 02

Asset Performance Management

We provide a total asset performance management service that can make the most value out of your manufacturing assets (equipment, utilities, and facilities) by monitoring, analysis, remaining useful life prediction, and work order management.

Data collection and analysis: Data collection and analysis can be done for any size of equipment body. We identify the root cause of defects, compare equipment assets, and analyze the cause of the low performance of assets.

  • We create the master data for your asset management (for example, events, alarms sensor data, device information, process line information, recipe information) and then share our methodology.

  • We create data collecting models for each asset type.

  • We track the cause of process anomalies and juxtapose the KPI indexes of assets to identify the low-performing assets and their cause.

  • We provide root cause analysis algorithms for each manufacturing process type.

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