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Oil & Gas

Since Oil, gas, and petrochemical’ massive manufacturing facilities are structured organically, a certain finest change in a single manufacturing process can impact neighboring processes that are determining factors to the quality of final products. 

BISTelligence AI technology provides solutions that predict small but meaningful changes in process state data, optimize the process operation conditions, increase the equipment utilization rate, and stabilize equipment management.

Prediction of process change: AI learns process state data and understands the correlation among them to predict the future process state, which leads to better process efficiency and enhanced reliability of equipment. 

Integrated process and equipment management solution: Located in a massive site and structured with complex facilities in general, the oil and petrochemical factories can benefit from the integrated system that monitors equipment performance, triggers anomaly alarms, and predicts equipment health and the remaining useful life of equipment in terms of better equipment utilization and stability of a process.


Use Case 

AI-based multilayer compressor system management

We monitored in real-time the data of multilayer compressor ampere, electric power, speed, cylinder/frame vibration, extrusion pressure, gas flow, gas exhaust temperature, hydrogen purity in the crude distillation BTX extraction process to detect and classify process anomalies and predict the remaining useful life of equipment.

Our deep learning technology automatically pin-pointed the causes of mechanical failures in gas and oil compressors among piston cracks, piston ring/rider damage, piston rod damage/bending, FFP compliant valve problem, and so on.

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