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Logistics companies are making great efforts to respond to various logistics demands and requirements while enhancing the efficiency of their logistics chain to become more competitive in the global market. As the central part of the efforts, the logistics companies are automating their process by introducing robotic automation systems and AI technology to the chain.

A logistics company can shorten the door-to-door time significantly and make its logistics system smart using BISTelligence AI technology.

AI-based management of logistics equipment: Downtime of logistics facilities and equipment can lead to many failed cases in on-time delivery. To prevent this, the staff of a logistics company should be able to detect the low performance of equipment and anomalies in equipment health in their early stage. To identify the cause of the problems more accurately, they need to analyze data from many perspectives. The predictive maintenance approach is necessary to prevent a critical failure in the system. 

Enhance efficiency of logistics by data analysis: The data generated by the entire logistics chain can be analyzed and managed in a more structured way by using big data technology. In this way, a company can respond properly to various logistics market demands and meet technological requirements. 


Use Case 

AI-based management of conveyor lines and other equipment


With AI technology, you can monitor the environmental factors such as temperature and humidity as well as the equipment parameter such as vibration and electric current of the conveyor lines in your warehouse and other facilities. Based on the monitored data, AI technology can automatically detect and classify process anomalies and predict the remaining useful life of equipment.

Data engineering: A conveyor system does not provide enough information on its health and performance. By generating false events at the stable process sections, we could come up with various statistics of vibration data. 

Results: Using AI technology, a logistics company can reduce the number of failed cases of on-time delivery due to downtime in conveyor lines by 5 percent, meaning approximately 10 million dollars’ worth of loss in the overall logistics process. Plus, a company can save up to 4 percent on the investment (approximately 50,000 dollars) on a new logistics line installment.

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