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Thanks to industrial ICT, more and more data are being generated in the smart manufacturing environment. To store, analyze, and process real-time data efficiently, many companies are adopting the Cloud platform coupled with edge computing technology.

BISTelligence’s next-generation edge computing technology, Edge Analytics monitors the performance, health, and anomalies of equipment to analyze them fast. Based on the analysis, Edge Analytics outputs optimum values for the process parameters to improve overall productivity indexes and infer the solutions to equipment problems from the feedback data in real-time. This can lead to improvement in overall equipment reliability indexes.  




By monitoring process anomalies in real-time, you can prevent a critical process failure. Coupled with big data analysis, edge computing can identify the cause of anomalies to enhance equipment productivity and process efficiency dramatically.  


The edge computing technology supports sample tests (as opposed to total inspection) for a measurement process. The system can predict the results of the quality inspection process and learn the relation of low quality and the cause to decrease the loss due to reworks and disposals.



Save the cost and resources for network and storage.

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