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Information Infra Strategy

To monitor and analyze the entire manufacturing process and its environment, the data from all the equipment, utilities, and facilities must be fed into one integrated pipeline.

BISTelligence’s Information Infra Strategy Service includes architecture design, implementation, and evaluation for hyper-connected manufacturing environment using and integrating cutting-edge ICTs including Cloud, big data, PLC, IoT/sensor, edge computing, vision inspection, and augmented reality.

Service Package 01

IIoT & Edge Computing

Many manufacturers are adopting IIoT to bring innovation into their manufacturing process. Via IIoT, they collect, monitor, exchange, and analyze data to quickly evaluate the process operation. The fast decision-making workflow based on advanced technologies is contributing to unprecedented process efficiency.

BISTelligence’s IIoT/Edge Computing Service supports the customer’s efforts of connecting the things in the manufacturing environment to generate meaningful insights and manage the manufacturing process efficiently. Our edge computing technology can enhance the data processing speed and data integrity/utilization.

  • IIoT strategy: We provide a combination of IIoTs customized for customer’s manufacturing environment. We work with our customer to share the customer’s goals and challenges to establish the future strategy economically.

  • IoT/Edge: We build the data collection infrastructure using the industrial IoT devices and communication network for industrial environment (5G, Wifi, and RoRa).

  • Connectivity of manufacturing data: We build a knowledgebase that connects equipment PLC data, sensor data, and legacy system data.

  • Industrial IoT data analysis: We connect the data collected from the things with various size and data transfer speed with engineers’ insights to deliver efficiency and extra value to your manufacturing process operation.

Service Package 02

Big Data & Cloud

To analyze the exponentially increasing manufacturing data and make a fast decision based on them, the process engineering service should run on Cloud.

BISTelligence’s Big Data & Cloud Service builds a Cloud/on-premise environment and big data processing system to maximize the efficiency of the manufacturing process. On the Cloud platform, we provide equipment management, asset performance management, and many more services for various purposes.

  • Cloud governance: We build a Cloud platform optimized to your manufacturing environment. We learn the customer’s goals and validate the expected results. We build the Cloud platform optimized for the intelligent factory that utilizes AI and data analysis.

  • Data migration: For smooth conversion of the on-premise data environment into a Cloud data platform, we provide data migration and database architecture services.

  • Cloud security: We provide Cloud system operation service by creating the Cloud access control policy for applications, databases, and users. We also build the security authentication environment.

  • Cloud-based smart equipment engineering solution: Our smart equipment engineering solution provides 24/7 monitoring over equipment health and performance, which eliminates equipment downtime.

  • Cloud-based asset performance solution: Our asset performance solution monitors asset health and predicts the remaining useful life of assets.

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