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Food & Beverage

In the food and beverages industry, where the highest hygienic standards are required, the companies need to track and monitor the data from the entire process including manufacturing environment information, geographical information, and safety/quality information. A company should track and monitor the information rigorously. To meet high industry standards, it is necessary to enforce the system with big data technology that can diagnose process anomalies in the early stages and warn the stakeholders of the risks to quality or hygienic problems.  

By monitoring the IoT data and focusing on the critical points of the process chain, the stakeholders can acquire a streamlined management workflow and peace of mind in the efforts of upholding the quality and safety requirements of food products regulated in the food safety management standards. Based on the data acquired by real-time monitoring, a company can maximize production flexibility and availability. 

The AI technology’s prediction feature not only can prevent raw material supply shortages and manufacturing equipment failures but also predict the production schedule and yield by learning the data of the automated manufacturing process. 

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