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Digital Transformation

In the era of the fast-changing market, a manufacturing company has to adapt to various market demands by embracing innovative technological development to retain business sustainability. Many manufacturers are adopting the smart factory concept and digital transformation strategies to enhance their flexibility and efficiency in production and operation.

BISTelligence supports customers’ digital transformation in every aspect of manufacturing. Our Digital Transformation Service integrates our core technologies into a single system tailored to the customer requirements economically.

Service Package 

Manufacturing Dx / SF Service

Manufacturing Dx/SF Service implements the optimum digital transformation strategy for a customer by diagnosing the digital maturity of the manufacturing environment.

All the areas related to the customer’s manufacturing process such as energy, material/parts, manufacturing/production, production/quality, waste can benefit from the digital transformation initiative. With digital transformation, you will be able to understand the trends in the manufacturing process, detect potential risks, solve seemingly unsolvable problems, and seize valuable opportunities.

Specification of digital transformation

  • Digital transformation strategy: We diagnose customers’ level of digital maturity and work with a customer to set the goal and range of service. We agree with our customers on the subjects of expected results, technologies available, and evaluation policy.

  • Smart factory strategy: We support our customer’s strategy and governance for conversion into the data-based smart factory.

  • Digital twin strategy: We support our customer’s digital twin strategy and design, based on physical/logical data for the manufacturing environment.

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