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To make your manufacturing environment more intelligent, you can rely on big data analysis, deep learning technology, AI analysis and diagnosis.

BISTelligence’s decision support solution provides actionable insights that keep engineers prepared for unexpected events and changes. When an alarm is triggered in a factory, the solution autonomously determines if it is true or false. If our decision support solution detects a significant threat to the manufacturing process in the alarm, it suggests the stakeholders to stop the process or material feed. The decision support system provides an automatic feedback loop for constant adjustment.  

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Knowledge-based Database

While many critical decisions are made on the manufacturing floor, some of them are hard to be made due to the lack of enough information required. Our decision support solution provides knowledge as well as actionable insights that are created based on the knowledge.



The solution stores the data related to the clusters extracted from the data classified by their types. Since the data are stored in a knowledgeable format, the users can understand the data easily.


Accelerate the intelligence level

Improve process efficiency with fast and accurate decision making and automate your decision-making workflow by easily integrating our decision support solution to your legacy system.

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