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Data Science

AI capabilities are at the heart of digital innovation. BISTelligence’s machine learning and deep learning technologies provide intelligent process control. Through analysis and diagnosis, AI can find a solution to a problem and make decisions autonomously.

BISTelligence’s Data Science Service can transform your manufacturing process into an AI-based environment, which liberates engineers from repetitive tasks and let them focus on more valuable work.

Service Package 

Manufacturing AI Service

Manufacturing AI Service supports our customers to analyze the data of the manufacturing environment. Based on the data, we create data-based AI models for autonomous operation of equipment, optimization of processes, prediction of final quality, and detection/recognition/classification of anomalies. Lastly, we build an MLOps-based AI model operation system.

Data analysis

  • We provide domain analysis and exploratory data analysis services.

  • We analyze the collected metadata, time-series data, and image data statistically.

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