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Smart Manufacturing 20 years +

Inheriting 20 years of challenges to lead the smart manufacturing solution and service providers in various high-tech industries, BISTelligence is now taking another innovational leap to expand the industry horizon and contribute to future manufacturing innovation.

블러 서명

Smart Manufacturing Expert Group

To deliver our industry-leading technologies, which was possible by our constant efforts of innovation, to the customers in broader industry horizon, BISTelligence renewed its consulting team. Equipped with more expertise, the renewed team provides wider but specialized services to exceed our customers’ requirements, which can be demanding in the face of the ever-changing global market.

Artificial intelligence in an untethered way

We believe BISTelligence is writing a whole new chapter of manufacturing technology innovation because we are expanding our manufacturing AI (m-AI) application to many other industry sectors. We try to be creative in integrating our m-AI with other advanced technologies to generate more opportunities for value for our customers.

Data strategy consulting leader for manufacturing innovation

An organization that consists of the best IT engineers coming from many backgrounds and cultures, BISTelligence provides a total data strategy consulting service. Our one-stop service includes re-establishment of business process and goal, the establishment of data infrastructure, data analysis, data science, solution development, and system installation.

Factory of future

You may have been suspicious about introducing AI to your factory under the misconception that it is complicated and expensive. BISTelligence’s total consulting service is here for you to clarify your concerns.

Digital innovation

We never stop challenging and advancing our capabilities by embracing cutting-edge technologies such as a virtual manufacturing environment using a digital twin, service lifecycle management via hyper-connectivity, hyper-automation of the manufacturing process, and many more.


Industry AI leader for Manufacturing Digital Innovation


디지털 경제로의 대전환 시기에
있어 비스텔리젼스는 산업용
인공지능 분야의 리더로
자리매김하여 제조 환경의
디지털 혁신에 기여


비스텔리젼스는 고객의 산업 현장을 미래형 공장으로 고도화하고,업계를선두하는
인공지능 기술과 솔루션으로 고객의
디지털 경험을 풍부하게
할 수 있는 고객 중심
서비스를 제공합니다.


Enable our customer creating the factory of the future, with our industry-leading Manufacturing AI technology and solutions, and client-centric services

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