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The companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries try to change their manufacturing systems into more adaptive ones to the market changes. A custom production approach with occasional shifts to mass production capabilities on demands are required for the manufacturers nowadays. In addition to all these efforts, they must conform to the GMPs of each country.

We help our customers adapt to the global market demands and quality requirements faster; and also, retain stability and efficacy in their products while increasing productivity and profits. Enjoy better competitiveness with our innovative manufacturing technology.

Data-driven manufacturing environment: By utilizing all the data from the entire manufacturing process, you can optimize many factors including invisible ones. Especially the custom production approach for biotechnology products can benefit more from big data analysis. 

Enhance manufacturing environment with AI technology: Based on the insights created by AI’s machine learning of the manufacturing process, you can establish a factory with better efficiency that outputs products with better quality. Using the technology, you can investigate the entire process to identify the factors that impact the quality of final products and automate the entire cycle of root cause analysis.

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