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In the current manufacturing environment, we are facing fast high-tech trends, thanks to the powerful computing power of manufacturing equipment, widening automation of manufacturing processes, and advanced IT technology. The trends are driving an explosive expansion of data in a factory. Thus, extracting meaningful insights out of a massive amount of data has become more difficult than ever.

BISTelligence’s analysis solution searches for the cause of process anomalies by scanning the entire manufacturing process not some limited sections. This way the solution can find the cause that has been hidden to engineers to correct the problem. With our analysis solution, you can empower the automation efforts of your manufacturing environment. 




We have rich experience in creating big data analysis models driven by our domain-specific AI. Many cases of transformation into highly automated and technologically advanced factories are validated by our customers. 


By exposing hidden patterns from data and detecting the finest distinctions among them, our AI technology can predict/find process anomalies and classify the causes of faults automatically. This leads to better production capacity and efficiency of a factory.


Our AI technology can identify the cause of product defects before they happen to minimize the defect rate. You can establish an automatic defect control system with the technology’s learning capability on the pattern of causes and defects.


By connecting the defects and test results, you can minimize the cost and time for test and optimize the test standards and specifications to decrease the defect rate.


Provided via Cloud service, our big data analysis solution lets the users share real-time information and enjoy a flexible work environment.

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